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Risograph MZ790U

Benchpress is an independent printing press (and occasional sandwich press) based in Perth, Western Australia. Offering printing and publishing services through the use of a Risograph MZ 790U, the press is able to assist in the production of art prints, books, catalogues, zines, posters, flyers, invitations, stationery, business cards, and CD/ DVD/ cassette covers amongst other things.

With the cost of duplicating an original via a Risograph stencil printer being typically more economical than that of a conventional photocopier, laser printer, or inkjet printer; the printing press is able to provide a more flexible, affordable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to commercial printing and publishing for small-scale jobs.

Benchpress has worked with a variety of clients and on a number of projects including the likes of Avant-Garden, Eggs Press, Fremantle Arts Centre, Galleria, Good Company, Human Xerox, Matthew Hunt, Katie Lenanton, Love Is My Velocity, Liang Luscombe, OK Gallery, Plan A, Poetry Club, Charlie Sofo, Taco Leg, and The Weather Ring.

Specifications —

Information Scanning & Printing

Colours —

Black (Black U)

Bright Red (185 U)

Orange (Orange 021 U)

Yellow (Yellow U)

Green (354 U)

Blue (3005 U)

Medium Blue (286 U) * Dented Drum

Purple (275 U)

Fluorescent Pink (806 U)

Workshops —

Building on the success of our HERE&NOW2012 Risograph workshops, Benchpress is offering a limited number of printing and publishing workshops to the public throughout February.

Under the guidance of co-ordinators and artists Dan Bourke and Jessie Mitchell, learn what a stencil printer is, what it can do, and how you can use it before producing your own Riso print or publication project.

With three different workshops available, learn how to reproduce an already existing artwork via the Riso's built-in flatbed scanner, how to print a colour separation from a digital photograph, and/ or how to print a small saddle-stitched publication.

For further information or group bookings, please contact Dan by email, or by mobile on +61 403 782 112.

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Please note that the following quote generator is intended only for use as a guide. Please contact contact Dan by email, or by mobile on +61 403 782 112, should you wish to get a more accurate quote.









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